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You have records, singles, CD`s and HIFI equipment for sale?

Ankauf für Schallplatten, CD´s, Hifigeräte

About Mythos Records

Mythos Records, since 1999 the worldwide epitome for music enthusiasts and collectors in search of exceptional and rare records and CD`s. The unusual music store in Frankfurt Bornheim is run with a lot of expertise and offers a wide range of records, singles and CDs in various music genres such as Krautrock, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock, Indie, Punk, Wave Rock, Pop and many other genres to offer everyone an extraordinary musical experience.

Ankauf für Schallplatten, CD´s, Hifigeräte
Ankauf für Schallplatten, CD´s, Hifigeräte

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You have records, singles, CD's as well as hi-fi equipment to give away or just need more space? No problem, we will help you and pay best prices. Contact us by phone or write us via the contact form. We will get back to you within 24 hours and arrange a prompt viewing appointment with you. We buy music genres like rock, pop, krautrock, psychedelic, progressive rock, folk, songwriter, jazz, soul, blues, soundtracks, indie, punk, wave, heavy metal, so almost everything, but no classical music and no german hits. We ask for your understanding

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Our Service


For the perfect sound, we free your records from dust and dirt with our special record cleaner. For larger quantities, please notify us in advance.


Your tone arm jumps and the record runs unsteadily? We iron your record and free it from deformations directly on site in our store. The sound experience and the smoothness is restored

Unser Service
Ankauf für Schallplatten, CD´s, Hifigeräte

Contact & Opening

Mythos Records
Höhenstraße 20 
60385 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: 069- 49 08 52 44
Mobile: 0163-2343965

Opening hours:
Mo-Fr 2 - 8 pm
Sa 11 am - 4 pm